This Is What You Need To Do When Setting An Indoor Grow Room

Apr. 24, 2018 by

When it comes to marijuana indoor growing systems are becoming more popular by the day. The increase in demand stems not only from the change in the law that allows recreational use in some states but also the many medicinal benefits. For more Info on the various ways marijuana can help medicinally one can go here and also check Plantsily on Twitter. For the first-time cannabis planters who want to know more about setting up an indoor grow room, read on.

The first thing to keep in mind is the space. As per your use, the space requirements will be set. For example, for people who smoke regularly a tent that is 1.2m by 1.2m is ideal. This tent would need a 600W bulb. A smaller grow tent with 400W bulb will also work in a pinch. This space will yield about 300 to 600 gr/m2 when other factors are kept stable. So pick as small or as large an area as you need.

Once space is allocated the next step is to decide on opting for a grow tent or not. For beginners, a tent is highly recommended because it allows you to control a lot of conditions. From temperature to humidity level to light and pests, one can keep track of almost all things. Another plus of using grow tents is that they can be disassembled and packed away. One only needs to pitch them during growing season, the rest of the times they can be easily stored. For the novice, a grow tent kit is the apt choice as they come pre-designed with everything needed.

Now that the tent is at hand, the next step is to pick a grow strain. The market offers a variety of species and strains when it comes to cannabis. Your choice will depend on numerous factors. Are you growing it inside or outside? If it is inside, then which traits do you want in your plant. Should it be resistant to molds or pests? Should it survive if it is overwatered or the temperature conditions are not optimal? A successful crop would be one that can thrive in the state you offer it.

Even when you use a grow tent, the outside conditions and temperatures can affect your plants. When it is winter’s, one would need regular reflectors to raise the temperature. When it is summer’s air cooled reflectors would be required, to keep the heat level at the exact point needed. When you plant marijuana and the strain you use will have to depend on the conditions outside.
No plant, tree or flower can grow without the proper substrate. Therefore, when planting marijuana, the soil you use is important. Organic soil which is specially created to grow cannabis like Plagon and Biobizz are the best options. They give beginners the freedom to make a few mistakes without harming their seedlings. Keep these few factors – space, tent, strain, and soil – detailed in this piece and your first cannabis yield will be ready in no time to use.