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Massage chairs have become popular as people nowadays prefer to relax and get massaged in the comfort of their house itself. Massage chairs offer various health benefits, and portable massage chairs are of great use for massage therapists. It is easy for people to carry the massage chair and it also occupies less storage space. A portable massage chair is of great use when then massage therapist wishes to offer the massage in a different environment. You can look for reviews about the popular massage chairs in 2018. Click here on the link to know about the health benefits of using massage chairs at the workplace.

The article below lists some of the popular brands and models of portable massage chairs available in the market.
Customers or massage therapists look for various factors when buying a portable massage chair.They consider the weight, quality, the material used, and other features before buying a portable massage chair.

Premium Best Massage Black 4”
Massage therapists can prefer the massage chairs manufactured by the Best Massage brand. This portable chair is made up of Ultra Soft PU Surface. This chair is known for its ease of maintenance. The portable chair comes with highly comfortable cushions that make the customers feel relaxed throughout the therapy. The material used can be cleaned easily by just wiping the cushion. The Premium Best Massage Black 4” comes with an adjustable seat and offers the required rest for head and hands. You can use this massage chair for people with varied weight and body structure. The carrying case offered help to port the chair to various places. The setup of this portable massage chair would be difficult for first-time users.

Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair Package
This is the most comfortable and popular portable massage chairs preferred by massage therapists around the world. It is made up of aircraft aluminum, and hence the chair is sturdy and lightweight. It offers the required comfort for the customers as it comes with high-quality cushions. The lightweight of the chair makes it portable. It can carry weight up to 300 pounds. The product comes in seven different colors. A protective carrying case makes the massage chair easy for taking it to various places. You can clean the chair easily with less effort.

Portable Massage Chair Comfort 4”
This is the preferred type of portable massage chairs by massage therapists and customers. It offers the required comfort for therapists and customers. The massage chair does not strain your muscles rather than provide you a complete relaxation of your body. You can easily fold the massage chair and place them in a carrying case so that you can travel anywhere with the massage chair. You can clean the massage chair with the help of a damp cloth. The beautiful design of the chair makes it a preferred choice for most of the customers. The portable chair features comfortable rests for the head and hands. This portable chair is affordable and can be used for maximizing massage therapy business.

The above are some of the famous brands of portable massage chairs available in the market.

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