How To Care Your Paralyzed Canine Friend?

Aug. 15, 2018 by

Paralyzed Dog

As the craze of having pets is growing steadily, pet owners need to know some facts while caring for their pets like dogs or cats. Like human beings pet dogs too become paralyzed due to various reasons and hence pet owners need to pay some special attention. The popular website Dogordog wrote about it and have some great ideas and tips on caring for a paralyzed dog. Read this short review to know more details to care for a paralyzed canine friend.

When you have a paralyzed dog, it does not mean its life is over. It is nice to hear that many such paralyzed dogs live happily with the help of their dedicated owners. The strength of humanity wins over when the pet owners are taking care of the paralyzed dogs or cats. Read further to know how to handle a paralyzed pet dog and make it live to its full life. Perhaps, this is one of the best kinds of human services you can offer your pet to live to its full potential.

Thanks to the technology which has invented wheelchairs for the disabled or paralyzed dogs. Though paralysis is not common among the pets, it can affect few canines due to spinal injuries which cause damages to the nerve roots. In such a condition, the canine can become paralyzed while its other parts usually function. More often paralysis among dogs affects their hind legs, even though it can occur in the front legs when the nerve roots on the necks get injured.

Taking care of a paralyzed canine is a daunting task for the pet owners. It needs a lot of work, and hence a pet owner has to be honest in taking the right decision to pay full attention to offering the best possible life to the pet. Patience and sympathy are the real keys while caring for the paralyzed dogs. If it cannot be done, the pet owners need to look for the other options like leaving the pet at the Blue Cross or other avenues. On the other hand, caring for a paralyzed dog is sure to offer a rewarding experience which brings the canine and the owner closer.

It is no doubt that a dog wheelchair looks to be the best option to maintain a paralyzed canine. It is well suited for the dogs which have strong front legs and upper body. The design of these wheelchairs makes the dog move quickly like the normal dogs. These unique wheelchairs offer both physical and psychological health to your paralyzed pet. One can also make the pet to move freely with a harness. Of course one has to consult the vet before using the right type of harness. Otherwise, a wrong harness can offer discomforts to your already ailing pet.

Though physical exercise is recommended for the paralyzed dogs, many canines resist such activities due to pain or discomforts. A gentle massage can undoubtedly improve the blood circulation and can improve the muscles and joints. Of course, caring for a paralyzed canine is a tough job. However, it comes with some rewards like personal satisfaction as well as exposing your nobility.